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The newly designed restaurant, Pitulka Eatery by Triopton Architects in Victoria Athens, adds a modern touch to the area with a sensibility to materials, culture and lifestyle. Defined as the “ancient pie”, the word Pitulka is one of the first reports to a Greek pie, approximately 7000 years ago. According to Triopton Architects, "the significance of the historical railway station in Victoria plays a vital role in the design process, since it is one of the oldest, busiest and most important stations in Athens, connecting almost the entire region of Attica". The train as a design element inspires and determines the main idea of the interior design and decoration. The design concept of "the train interior" creates an attractive dining option, as well as a casual environment allowing customers to escape from their daily routine. Pitulka Eatery, within 62 square meters, creates a particular atmosphere that can be traced back to older times, stimulating a sensory perception of the place. Through symbolisms the architect team offers a glimpse into the industrial evolution of the railway, which is based on modern creativity, enigmatic mysteries and nostalgic memories of the past decades. The objective was to "create an emotional connection with the customers by manifesting our core values". View more View full description
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