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The project is based on two principles: structuring relationship between solids and voids and characterization of the main fronts (east and west). The SOLID and THE VOIDS: the buildings they create and draw the edges of the area in relation to the immediate context and define the central void green. The urban park, and 'organized in three thematic areas, a wooded park, a playground and water park. The three areas are characterized by different essences and treatment of green, lawns and trees. The driveways paths will be the most perimetric possible to give the maximum continuity of the public park and the pedestrian space. CHARACTERIZATION OF THE MAIN FRONTS: the work on the front lines consists on build a precise way of relating to the immediate context and to give specific identity to the perimeter of the intervention. The strong characterization of elevations contributes to the construction of an inhabited landscape and provide different opportunities of relationship between internal and external to the housing. View more View full description
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