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The three buildings that divide the building space are meant for distinct but complementary functions. A tower, above all, to report a strong presence and a authentic willingness. In the tower centered on a spiral staircase-space are located the archives, the areas of consultation and the digital library: the memory of the initiatives and activities of IULM in the field of fashion, film, communication and the place of training and study. The real communicative heart of knowledge of IULM. The South building, and linear low-rise building, is home of spaces whose flexibility makes them usable for academic facilities of various kind as offices, laboratories, halls, classrooms, but also as venues for events and activities related to companies. in fact, the crucial challenge of dialogue that this complex is precisely that wants to strengthen operational osmosis between knowledge, creation and production. The KTC can accommodate spin-offs that characterize in collaboration with the university an important opportunity for specialization and growth: public institutions and private companies in journalistic communication, television, business, fashion and style industry fields. Osmosis of ideas, people, facilities, TV studios used both as students laboratories and for production facilities. An osmosis which radically transcends the concepts and practices in vogue today to articulate the relationship knowledge / production, university / company, so those of the university consulting or internship. To this logic of sectorial and episodic cooperation is replaced the logic of the organic osmosis, of being able to produce, of facing together the challenges of the future by filling with concrete ideas the concept too much abused knowledge-based economy. View more View full description
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