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SITE CONTEXT Located on a busy stretch of Lloyds Road in Chennai, this commercial building nestles itself among a line of old residences, a few apartments and scrappy little shops and stores dotting this busy streetscape. Sited on the corner of the main road and a by lane, the building faces north towards the main road, east towards the by lane, west and south towards two old residences. DESIGN INTENT Our main architectural intent apart from providing the clear floor plate for the office indoor, was to work on a passive method of providing a better indoor environment. Provide well distributed natural light, reduce the load on the air conditioning requirement and ensure the noise from the street below was kept out, to the best extent possible. This architectural intent, manifested itself in the form of a skin wall along the north, east and western sides of the building. Our first point of reference was a traditional brick jali screen wall. Stretcher courses, staggered at every alternate course creating the play of mass and void. We took this basic jali screen geometry and looked to tweak it to suit our requirement. View more View full description
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