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Part of an increasing trend of apps which allow precision scale drawing, Arrette Scale seeks to provide designers with a simple, familiar drawing environment usable by anyone comfortable with traditional drawing tools. Allowing users to digitally review work by sharing ideas and drawings, Arrette's platform welcomes incremental design changes and collaboration on iPad without the need for printing reams of paper. According to Arrette, "though most design work these days is being done on computers, the design process is a cycle: from the original idea, to paper, to computer, to paper, and back again many times. Every map, photograph and CAD drawing becomes a starting point for the next iteration of the design. On each printout, designers and reviewers scribble notes in the margins and add new information to the project. Hand drawings are digitized and distributed electronically to stakeholders. Designers re-work the concepts over and over until the work is complete." View more View full description
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