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The project is located on the site of an abandoned steel factory, which had been created following World War II to help with the reconstruction of the Mezzogiorno region of Southern Italy. Following the plant’s closing, it was decided that the site should retain the concept of “reconstruction,” but this time on a local level. Thus, the idea for a cultural center for local residents and tourists came about. The complex is intended to be the entryway for the larger Bagnoli Futura initiative, which aims to regenerate the entirety of the former industrial zone. As a result, the majority of its functions hug the ground, creating a large open-air public space that is clad in stone. This datum allows the auditorium element to be the defining element of the project, its glass-clad structure rising from the foundation like a futuristic vessel. By day, the glazing system’s mirrored, greenish tint allows for the building to reflect its residential neighborhood back on itself, while at night the volume glows from within, becoming a lighthouse-like element on the somewhat scarred landscape. View more View full description
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