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The guideline of the architectural Project is established by the walls, a system of independent vertical elements that support, structure and create a vestibule for spaces that compose a route in which exterior and interior relationships are consolidated. The geometry generated allows the gradual unveiling of different views, creating different atmospheres around the architectural heat of the project: the central courtyard, which feeds inner spaces of the house. Crystal and ironwork facade closures underline the independence of wall components, by means of introducing a different material palette. The slabs on floor, mezzanine and terrace tuck into the wall coat and dress a different tone to create a contrast. The nature of the sensations that House Prado aspires are to create through its palette of materials debates between the sand-layered walls and the elegant crystal and ironwork modules, the sturdy concrete slabs and the warm wooden walls, the stony gravel and exterior plates and the exuberant vegetation. View more View full description
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