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The project refers to a new building to house a Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, in a plot located at the Centro Dr. Esquerdo complex, of the municipality of San Juan de Alicante. In accordance with the Competition technical specifications, the project meets the needs derived from the two entities concurring: on the one hand, a Residence for people with serious mental disorders that do not require hospitalization; on the other the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration (CRIS) and a Day Centre for persons with serious mental disorders. The building, therefore, provides an open and flexible residential community service for persons with chronic mental disorders that do not require hospitalization; the users, about 50, live in an internship. On the other hand, the Day Centre is a specialized and specific centre for persons with serious mental disorders, with a great deterioration of their functional capacities and of their social environment, where functional recovery programs and structured activities for the occupation of free time are carried out throughout the day, in an open regime, for a number of up to 25 people. The CRIS, for 50 users, is defined as a centre of specific and specialized services addressed to those persons with a chronic mental illness, with a significant deterioration of the functional capacities, where work programs suitable to the characteristics, needs and specific situation of the users are carried out. View more View full description
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