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The 2014 London Festival of Architecture opened this week, with over 200 events running throughout the city in the month of June. This year's theme is "Capital", an intentionally ambiguous theme which allows an exploration of the culture, people, economy and built environment of London. Some of the key topics to be interrogated will be the housing crisis afflicting London and the recent boom in the construction of tall buildings. Read on after the break for more on the festival and some of its headline events 2014 marks the London Festival of Architecture's 10th anniversary. The festival began in 2004 as the London Architecture Biennale, an attempt at creating an alternative to the Venice Biennale which - while the Venice festival takes a global focus - was intended to turn attention onto the city it inhabited. As this London Architecture Biennale grew popular with the wider public, who took an interest in the architectural issues within their city, the name 'Biennale' was dropped for something which had a wider appeal. View more View full description
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