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The context for this site consists of larger homes on one-acre lots.  Aesthetically, the neighboring houses’ architectural language is more often than not, associated with speculative developer trends and styles, rather than an integrated understanding of the site, the views, and other opportunities.  As a result, the project required a strategy which would edit out the immediate context of this neighborhood while focusing on distant views of the McDowell Mountains to the north and the valley to the south and southwest.  The project also sought to create a protected courtyard space for the backyard and pool area as an immediate focus for the lower level of the house in contrast to the second level taking advantage of the more distant views. The house presents itself as a series of sand-blasted 12-8-16 masonry walls upon which a stainless steel and glass clad volume floats.  The masonry walls are solid with minimal openings in order to edit out the existing context of the neighborhood while also ensuring privacy.  In specific locations associated with the entry courtyard and the outdoor space for a guest bedroom, the masonry gradually opens up its coursing to allow for light and air.  A separate weathering steel plate clad volume to the south houses the garage while also providing privacy to the pool area and backyard from a neighboring house.  View more View full description
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