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We imagined an urbane box which, like a mobile kiosk, could be plugged into the ancient fortifications and inaugurate their regeneration. Its sloping wall, imitating the angle of the bastions, maximises square metres on both ground and first floor; while preserving the original volume of the vault. The steel-timber structure contains light, power, sound, running water, cooling, air extraction, food and drinks; its well-hidden infrastructure ridding the bastion walls of all visible interventions. The box separates the dining (downstairs) from the lounging (upstairs), and slides outside to a voyeuristic terrace looking out over the scene and onto the harbour. At its inner end, the dark and sensuous toilets were fitted with a custom-made glass curtain and additional hidden conveniences. The outdoor concrete terrace, split into two by an illuminated waterfall, sinks gently like an amphitheatre around the raw, fortified landscape. Reflecting the interior plan, the waterfall separates the dining from the lounge areas. View more View full description
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