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PXSTL is a community arts and urban incentive created by the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.  Our design of Lots, the first installation of PXSTL, is a temporary pavilion conceived of as an overhead spanning structure that frames fragments of the city and the sky together. Creating a wall-less extension of the museum and academia, it forms a physical platform for varied planned programs and spontaneous unplanned programs throughout the summer. This platform, or stage, provides a public place to breakdown the zones and strata that exist in the city and aims for community-based discussions and diverse audiences.  The birth of PXSTL is an admirable endeavor, one that has the potential to shape and influence many people. Not by our design and not in coming to see it, but in the activities and use of it as a place. Here we are providing the shade for a conversation. The conversation and the ideas will pass from one person to the next through word, action, or performance. It is in these activities, planned and spontaneous alike, that generates sharing and building of community. Lots is the creation of place, a simple space but something that marks a spot. But is unique because it has no walls. PXSTL is open, without walls, allowing participation of the community. PXSTL is space with no direct agenda, limited restrictions, but it is a space that clearly says this is for YOU, the community, to use. View more View full description
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