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Five young design graduates based in Britain have recently won a competition to design an artist’s residency in the south-western region of the United Kingdom. Titled "The Observatories," these residences are split into two separate volumes: a study and a workshop. Artists will be able to live in the private back section of the study, which has a fold-out bed and necessary amenities. The workshop will be more open, allowing artists to teach and engage with the public. Both volumes are capable of rotating 360 degrees, giving residents a fresh frame of view, and facilitating interaction between these residents and passerby. The rotation mechanism is a steel base connected to the underside of each structure. This base has steel chasers fixed to it which fit into a steel track on the building's footing. These chasers turn within the track, allowing movement. An alternative design using ball bearings is also being considered. View more View full description
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