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" Nursing homes and other social services are often interpreted according to the same pattern: countless rooms linked together by long corridors . Such a scheme is a victory for the functionality of these buildings , but a defeat for the domesticity of it . In care area Mayerhof the limits of this rational scheme are questioned, while space is created in which a community can grow. Various additions of communal and open areas add to the domesticity of the place. By positioning the nursing home in a figure of eight on the site an infinite circulation that connects all the rooms on every floor with each other arises.In this functional diagram however, places where social interaction arises are inserted . At each corner of the figure open spaces create space for interaction. The linear corridor folds around two large voids, creating various perspectives and a sense of overview in the building. As the program towards the upper floors is diminishing, terraces arise on every floor with an optimal orientation and protected from the wind. Each room gets either view towards these open spaces in the heart of the nursing home or to the green area around the building. The result is a very light volume that is bathed in natural light and space. View more View full description
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