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Situated on the gateway site of the University of New South Wales main campus, at the junction of the Mall and Anzac Parade, is the Tyree Energy Technologies Building. The site is of considerable strategic importance, as it occurs at the nexus of what can be considered as three interconnected “urban zones.” Each of these zones has a particular landscape and built character that overlap and intersect with the building form, responding by differentiating form, scale, and detail complexity. Each of the building’s façades are different and are characterised by a contextual design response. Interwoven with the existing eucalypts, a series of form fragments open along the Anzac Parade frontage in a distinctive gesture of openness and welcome. These forms create an urban transition, or symbiotic weave, from the street-aligned blocks to the south to the verdant campus landscape to the north. A sensitive approach to the Mall, designed by Professor Spooner, was required for this frontage to enhance the character of this significant landscape—integral to the identity of the university—so by creating a continuous raised platform with north-facing seating steps, it transitions and visually extends the ground plane of the Mall into the building. View more View full description
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