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At ArchDaily we know weekends are for you to rest, enjoy your time, and relax. However, we keep working and featuring the best projects we have, so we are afraid you may have missed some really great stuff. Fortunately for you, starting today, every Monday we’ll feature the very best of our weekends. Check the other two after the break. Charred Cedar House / naf architect & design The site is located in a district where many traditional sake breweries preserve good old Japanese street with plaster and charred cedar walls. In winter, during sake brewing season, a cloud of steam comes out from red brick chimneys of the breweries and the scent of sake wafts in the air. “Charred Cedar House” stands in such neighborhood (read more…) Penthouse sur Loire / Avignon et Clouet Stéphane Chalmeau shared with us this great Penthouse refurbishment made by french architects Avignon et Clouet in Nantes, France, giving great sunlight to the interiors using glass divisions instead of solid walls and including an indoor pool with an amazing view to the city (read more…) View more View full description
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