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This house with a spiral shape plan is for playing the piano. The site is 7m width and 15m depth, and surrounding area is a quiet residential quarter. The blanks are created by rotating the house 10 degrees against the site, and it brought the soundproof effect as a buffer zone for surrounding area. The spiral shape wall is extended to the inside, so you can feel the continuity of internal and external space by the wall. We designed an acoustic layer and sound insulation layer by combining the general-purpose materials, so the soundproof chamber can have acoustic and echo function with a low budget. A sound wave can reach ears through air encircled with the spiral shape wall. The spiral shape wall extending to the inside is customizable for adjusting convey of piano's sound, so the wall can bring about changes in the sound environment. It becomes the space for ‘sonata for two pianos’. View more View full description
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