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This is a new clubhouse for a premier golf course located two hours from Seoul by car. It is composed as three buildings: the main clubhouse for regular members, a VIP members area, and accommodations VIP members. Each building is composed of a different structural system and are presented in a modern sense of traditional construction methods in South Korea. The regular members’ clubhouse building is composed of a hexagonal wooden grid shell roof structure that encompasses the whole building. The VIP accommodations is a short span steel structure in a residential scale. The VIP members’ clubhouse building is reinforced concrete. The atrium space of the main clubhouse is composed of timber columns and roof with an envelope of clear glass providing a transparent and open space. The laminated timber columns arranged in radially climb vertically and curve to become horizontal members at the roof plane forming a hexagonal grid. The lower podium is constructed as a wall of large local stone built like tradtional stone setting of South Korea, gradually slanting inwards towards the top. View more View full description
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