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Graceful Dance of Shower Curtains Hotel room is a temporary private space and there is a specific manner of partition for each guest, which produces feeling of comfort and calmness.  It is not always constant and varies depending on feeling of the day and time.  This room has no partition and instead there are only three shower curtains.  Here, the guest can move each shower curtain when necessary and change the manner of partition freely with elaboration. Decorative factors are intentionally removed from the floors, walls, and ceiling.  Opposite areas such as bed, and shower and toilet are placed close to each other, exposed solely in the same space to clearly show meaning and necessity of partition.  Only the floor around the shower has a slight inclination and mutual intervention is removed by layout of the bed and shower.  The shower curtain is necessary for showering, but the window does not need fabric curtains and partition does not need to be a wall.  Shower curtains can be used for everything and are not normally treated as decoration.  View more View full description
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