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The common areas and homogeneous facilities along the coast are the starting point for the design of new elements to furnish the beaches and provide first aid, washrooms, washroom and dressing room for the disabled, beverages and ice cream kiosk, waste and recycling containers, information booth and police. This common area involves a common element in terms of materials and form adapted to the environment and the landscape. In addition, these elements through their aggregation and repetition must allow different uses with the same basic construction system and the minimum necessary occupancy of the sand area. They must also have a low visual opacity in the direction from the city to the sea, to allow transparency between the promenade and the beach across the coastal strip. The idea arises from the installation by Donald Judd entitled "15 Untitle Works In Concrete" (1980-1984) at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. It is a magnificent example of how starting with a single element with an extreme formal simplicity, a landscape is colonized through the repetition or aggregation of such elements which are always equal to each other. View more View full description
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