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Small spaciousness The house in the woods is a residence for a couple and their guests. Despite the very limited area available for construction and the users’ requirements regarding the number of beds and rooms, a residence with a perceptible spaciousness arose.  Starting from the ‘bungalow’ stereotype, the design sets openness against seclusion, introduces smooth transitions in contrast to set boundaries, emphasizes the correlation of surface and volume and, in this way, overlays the familiar with the new. One space rather than many The basic structure of the compact building volume consists of two slightly rotated cuboids, each with an area of about 60 square meters. This volumetric structure corresponds to the programmaticdivision into "living area" and "sleeping area". Despite this functional differentiation, the open floor plan with its central bend creates a continuous, elongated space, stretching in an east-west direction, structured by an inserted wooden volume and framed by a sequence of ancillary rooms along the north. View more View full description
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