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Each of these concepts characterizes past eras: the individual house and working class bar. We propose new urban forms by projecting a group of houses raised to a level above the ground around a shared space. Located upstairs, the level of distribution takes the form of a garden shared visual continuity and a direct relationship with urban space through a soft path (ramp landscaped). From both sides of this garden are juxtaposed with housing that weave the latter a true relationship of use. The character detached and suspended from the garden makes it a safe and secure space for children, along with a sunny garden simply related to its height. It is a shared space where people can come play neighborly relations: a place to which the project is identified. The project proposes to provide these provisions in the qualities of individual housing while providing a collective image. The idea to establish "houses" on a base consisting of common services (access, lobby, parking, rooms), shops, ensures this building its urban character, first through the relationship the ground floor in the heart of the other through the overall gauge of construction inherent in this provision. View more View full description
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