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The building is placed in a lot next to an important avenue and it runs for almost 100 meters, (0.62 mi) with most of them being in an “L” scheme. In the vertex, another volume with it’s own character accommodates the offices and the services for the workers. The space of the warehouse is conformed by a sequence of simple, rigid frames. The essence of the building towards the avenue demanded a special treatment for the facade. In response to the topography, a concrete basement is generated that coincides with the level of the floor on the inside, over which the black block facade with glass block pieces is constructed, producing a game of interior-exterior lights depending on the hour. The volume of the offices is defined by concrete walls with a rhythm of empty spaces from floor to ceiling. One of the walls enters to the warehouse diagonally intersecting the orthogonal geometry producing a division between the office and the services areas. View more View full description
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