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There is something in every project that comes from visiting the site and listening to clients. And there is also an interesting part at the beginning of every project that comes from the everyday training. While the first is a very attractive translation job, the second has to do with the positive part of experience.   When an idea, a sketch, a drawing, a diagram or a conversation does not go further because a project stops or it is clear that it is not so suitable for now, it is ready for a next project. Sometimes one is waiting to have a commission just for a project that remains somewhere over the table. Then, the solution is already here and now it is time to mix with climate, program, budget, topography and urban regulations. A holiday home in a consolidated urban development not far from a big city could be a good commission to go on working with the Mediterranean house. It is a type of house which stress on the important connection between outside and inside, life takes place both indoor and outdoor. Therefore, different architectural situations should appear in its right position: porch, patio, and terrace. View more View full description
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