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The panoramic view of San Francisco’s water front from Cisco-­‐Meraki’s new offices in some ways setsthe theme for O+A’s design. Viewed from almost any angle, the interiors create an impression of light, spaciousness, bright color, long sightlines. Meraki, which was recently acquired by Cisco Systems, takes pride in the elegance of the wireless routers itdesigns. O+A sought to build the space the way Meraki builds its products, with an emphasis on simplicity and seamless ease of use, while remaining mindful of the importance of the Cisco-­‐Meraki merger to the company’s identity. Located in the rapidly changing Mission Bay neighborhood, Cisco-­‐Meraki’s 110,000-­‐square-­‐footsuite of offices now becomes Cisco’s principal San Francisco location. At the outset, O+A surveyed Meraki’s employees to find out what they liked about their old, much smaller headquarters. A consensus emerged for natural light, plenty of collaboration space, and preservation of thecompany’stightly knit culture. The size of the new space and the prominence of its floor-­‐to-­‐ceiling windows made collaboration and natural light relatively easy to incorporate. O+A’sdesign offers a variety of meeting spaces—formal and informal, indoor and outdoor—many of them bathed in the crystal line light of San Francisco Bay. The scale and the light support a rich palette of colors and design elements: a wide staircase with integrated stadium seating at its base, a meeting room with hanging tillandsia plants, and an outdoor deck offering views of the baseball park and Bay Bridge. View more View full description
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