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The Dovela (Keystone)is an air stone, the "Sun Stone." The Aztec basalt monolith excavated in the Zócalo in Mexico City, means "Tonatiuhtlan de Ollin" or "Sun of Movement." The god of the sun it represents, Tonatiuh, grabs a heart and expresses the need for continuity of solar time. The rays we can appreciate in this beautiful archaeological piece are the symbol of light, which we have to find through the discovery of what we are, what we feel and what we do. Tenacity and patience are required (Earth), also spiritual strength (Fire), capacity to adapt to different circumstances of life (Water) and mindfulness (Air). No wonder the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Egyptians, etc., identified the Sun with the universal spirit of life, trying to associate its physical characteristics with the spiritual ones. Thus, they would reveal the greatness of the intangible. View more View full description
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