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Purpouse of the refurbishment is the contemporary reutilization as home for vacation of a XVII century farmstead. The simple parallelepipedon form and the sheer size of the building, together with the overlooking position towards the “cortese di gavi” vineyards lead to a special respect of the building as it was. All the design guide was to bring back all the old things still inside the farm (like old doors, the large wooden beams of the roof, and even the allocation of rooms and stairs), trying to reach the original atmosphere of the rural culture. Then it seemed adequate just to integrate what was necessary with simple contemporary elements (floors in concrete just coloured/mixed with oxide, some linear door, steel windows, steel kitchen furniture, steel switches ). All the walls, outside and outside were covered with hydrated lime, without painting, this way all the building looks like a solid monolith made of soil, and the space inside are shady and good for meditation. View more View full description
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