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The project is part of the City of Books a project by the Mexican Secretary of Culture to acquire the personal book collections of the most relevant Mexican writers and intellectuals of the 20th Century and commissioning architects the design of each personal library to be housed within La Ciudadela, an 18th Century building in the central part of Mexico City. arquitectura 911sc was asked to design the Jaime Garcia Terres Library, which occupies a small room, with an area of just 170 square meters (1,830 sqft) and a height of 6.30 meters (20.7 ft) located on the northwest corner of La Ciudadela. The project is conceived as a series of objects and interventions, which through its scale, materiality and presence, seek to establish a dialogue with both the books of the collection, as well as with the historic building. The design introduces a new area where the entire program is contained; a floor made of Tzalam tropical wood in the central part of the space that also wraps a section of the walls. Two long and massive bookshelves are suspended from the walls, and whose modulation at 60 (0.98ft), 90 (2.95 ft) and 120 cm (3.94 ft) create a syncopated rhythm that mirrors the floor pattern. The18,000 volumes are illuminated from the back of the shelves giving the books a sense of lightness. View more View full description
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