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This is a weekend cottage situated within the deep mountainous area of midlands in Bousou Peninsula. The site is located in Kanou Mountain, Kimitsu city. An important traditional Japanese painter, Kaii Higashiyama(1909-99) once mentioned that he was awakened by a landscape painting of the majestic ravine scenery of this site. The cottage is sitting on a slope looking down to this ravine. The exterior shape of this building appears to be a simple cube. However, the interior consists of two layers of the traditional square plan, while a cubic volume is inserted to the points of intersection produced by the walls, the floors and the ceiling that divides the space. The intersecting angle of each cube is defined by the rule of an algorithm, producing the most prominent character of this project - that adjacent cubes are tilted in a definite angle against each other. The rotation angle of the cubes defined by algorithmic rule dissects the interior volume into various spaces according to the header forms of the cutting plane, providing diverse spatial conditions as each individual room. View more View full description
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