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The original city hall was stuck between the church and the steep slope of the street. It had a lack of lisibility into the village. The building  didn’t have any public space around that could complete its status. The challenge was to provide the rehabilitation and the extension to find a new efficient organisation and give a real sense to the architectural ensemble. The extension by its nature and its position brings a new identity status of the city hall. It articulates the signal of the new entrance in the village center and directs the city hall on a balcony square opened on the landscape. Both architectural hook and link, the corten steel volume brings the visitor into the fold from the signal on the street, until the garden below. Along this route, the access to the council room and mariage is folowing one after another. The entrance to the city hall is opened on the square. A this place, there are also stairs going to the children center below. The steel folds develops an inside face covered by wood that welcomes, like on a carpet, the visitors in their course. View more View full description
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