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There is a boat from my childhood, “Makaira”, that inspires many of my projects. In that boat, I felt cradled, protected, but if I chose, I could open up to and be aware of the broader context around me. Three or four of these boats would raft together, each one acting as a room with a space in between. We would enjoy meals on one boat, cards or sleep on another and play in the water or wrecks nearby. We learnt from each other and moved in smaller but breathable spaces. As a structure, what a beautiful work in timber! Raven Street House is an alteration and addition to a traditional workers cottage in the inner Brisbane suburb of West End. Like Makaira, it is protective of the owner’s young family and artwork but creates a greater awareness of country surrounding the structure. At the Raven Street House, the new structure plays with timber tradition respectfully but it reworks the dark Victorian core. View more View full description
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