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The prototypes designed for DST Company for the CONCRETA 2003 Exhibition, intend to provide a multiplicity of solutions regarding its purpose. The development of a modular typology that could respond to specific ends such as of temporary housing, environmental observatory, fire outpost, bar, Kiosk, “virtual square” or to a minimum element that could gather the necessary conditions to communicate through IT systems was a priority. The plan was to produce a module that could be repeated and associated almost endlessly, being at the same time functionally mutable and capable of providing urban conditions through associative forms of its base element. Being a prefabricated module capable to address the needed comfort it also provides resources to processes and energetic recovery systems of high end technology such as photovoltaic panels. The module was designed to be installed in places where no major environmental changes can take place e.g. natural parks, beaches, city squares and zones where it is not possible for various reasons to access infrastructures. View more View full description
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