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If you digit +31° 16’ 9.45”, +121°27’ 14.93” on Google Maps, a zenith scale view will appear of a rectangular building, characterized by a central patio with pedestrian bridges crossing it and a long flamboyant red wall which acts as a barrier to separate the internal areas from the noise of the elevated road which runs opposite. The project designer, Francesco Gatti recounts: When we designed the building, we made the red façade turn towards the roof, as we were amused by the idea that the main web-mapping sites would possibly recognize it It is a choice of visibility that transcends the dimensions of the neighborhood and which might seem megalomaniac at first sight - a signature visible from Space -. In reality this red wall, eye-catching and with its exaggerated dimensions, is representative of the whole idea of the building, the tip of the iceberg of a complex and difficult project that tell us much about the actual state of architecture in China. Gatti has been living and working in Shanghai since 2003. The architect, who is Roman by origin, has concentrated on heterogeneous projects: from the rebirth of ex industrial sites, to the design of urban areas, from the architecture of interiors to important international competitions. In every project, whether the interior of a clothes shop or a car museum, one can always recognize his concepts and style – pragmatic and visionary at the same time -. While responding to the exigencies of a private client or a company, Gatti has always strived to find an outstanding idea, capable of satisfying the contextual conditions, adding an unexpected solution that, in the chaos and mutation of the Chinese metropolis, can give a unique character to the project. View more View full description
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