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The +Energy House lies down as a flat structure on the sloping site and forms at the upper floor a platform that connects inside and outside together and offers a magnificent view of the countryside. The formal language acts independently and confidently. Simultaneously, the two-storey construction comunicates with the surroundings of the street (building line, roof shape, eaves height). The house was created as a mixed construction: concrete construction on the ground floor, solid wood construction upstairs. The construction with dowelled laminated timber elements could be entirely built without glues (clients request: pollution-free construction, ecological building materials). The surfaces remain aware undisguised. Beside its static funcion, this inner shell ensures a balanced room climate. The wooden wall has a heat storage capacity that comes close from that of conventional masonry structures. According to the passive house standard, a layer of insulation (wood fibers) surrounds the construction upstairs. The airtight, thermal-bridge-free trained, heat-insulated shell is made up of the bottom plate (foam glass gravel). View more View full description
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