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From the old Korean residential zone, it is difficult to find one-story house. But even 42 years ago since this building has been built, there were a lot of one-story house. However, four-story apartment houses, which are also called as 'multiplex housing' or 'multiple dwelling' occupy most of residential zone. This is because people removed old houses and extended dimensions and then built new houses to make more profits from rent. Therefore the old houses are often surrounded by higher buildings. To solve this problem, new buildings could be constructed instead of old houses. However, then they will be disturbed by higher buildings around them. As a result of this, villagers will file a civil complaint to administrative office with the reasons of the prospect right and right sunshine are limited and village becomes stuffy. Therefore building new houses in the old residential zone in these days is more disadvantageous than people who have already built before. This house was that case. View more View full description
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