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The Palace of Water Sports is planned in the territory of Universiade Park and included in the complex of sport constructions being built in Kazan city as part of the preparation for holding the Summer Universiade in 2013. Apart from the role the complex plays for sports, it also has social value. After the end of the Universiade, the students of Tatar State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, as well as other residents of the city, will play sports and enjoy recreational swimming here. The Palace building (length 187.5 meters, width 84 meters) stretches along the embankment of the Kazanka river and include a hall with pools and stands, covered by a dynamic roof the outlines of which are reminiscent of the movement of a wave (maximum height 25 meters). 3 swimming pools are planned: an all-purpose pool (52x25 meters, depth 2.2 meters); a diving pool (33.3x25 meters, depth 5.5 meters), and another standard pool (52x25 meters) separated from the other two by a glass partition and designed for training as well as for fitness center visitors. The fixed stands, including the VIP area, can seat approximately 3,000 people and nearly another 1,000 seats can be added by special collapsible stands. The main functional block of the Palace of Water Sports is located parallel to the line of the pools. The fifth floor of the building is occupied by all the main and serving spaces that are necessary for conduct of the contests of all the levels and for everyday use by Kazan residents as well. The maximum capacity of the Palace will be 3,540 seats, almost 2,000 of which are stationary seats including commentator’s cabins and seats in VIP area, and 1,500 additional seats may be installed in the special collapsible stands. View more View full description
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