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The South Campus Central Chiller Plant will provide the Medical District of the Ohio State University a long term, efficient and sustainable solution for chilled water production and distribution. Durability and redundancy will be addressed with a modular design with additional components of all critical equipment to maintain 12,500 tons of chilled water for the medical center customers. To further increase reliability, emergency power will be installed with the chiller plant to provide chilled water for critical operations during power outages. The ultimate capacity of the Chiller Plant will be 30,000 tons of chilled water. The installation the chillers will be installed in phases to address requirements of the medical center and will be remotely controlled at the central power plant with robust industrial control systems. Phase one of the chiller plant will be a minimum of 15,000 tons for the new Cancer and Critical Care Tower and the gradual replacement of aging equipment located in existing buildings of the medical campus. View more View full description
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