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As the brief was substantial, the overall form of the house needed to be pushed to the envelope limits. Naturally, there are also other considerations; the context and proximity of neighbouring homes, the daily sun path and the prevailing winds. Conceptually, the house is a raised reinforced concrete tube whose open ends are oriented in a general north-south direction. On this site, the prevailing breezes also blow in from the south, from the direction of the nearby coast line. In practice, all rooms have walls that side either east or west, and front north and south. The tubular structure resists east west heat gain thanks to the solid mass of the reinforced concrete but encourages passive cooling through the open north south axis. The north and south facades are treated with timber screens and their contribution is multifold. They are privacy filters for the bedrooms and are the first layer of glare and solar heat reduction to the spaces behind. The timber fins of the screen can also be angled so as to catch a breeze or to increase privacy as and when needed. View more View full description
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