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If you live in a place where your children feel safe on their way home thanks to soldiers and policemen standing guard your home around the clock and all the year round; thus a thief dare not show up; you are gently reminded up even when your car is scratched by somebody; but if you suspect that they can watch not only your children's safety, thefts, and vandals but also, maybe… maybe your garden and even your living room through high resolution binoculars as if they are spying on neighboring movements but actually your home. If you live in a town where your neighbor's fence infringes on your land and another neighbor infringes on alley, and even you infringe their land…; you may get relieved because it is conventional in old town but reviewing Building Act reveals that you have to give up 10㎡ to satisfy the minimum condition of alley width to four meters, and building coverage ratio and floor area ratio don't signify nothing in your land due to the right of light to north, setback regulation on the fa?ade, and height limit from Cultural Heritage Protection Act; you just decided to move main gate of your house from the roadside to alley, but your neighbor notices it and comes to you saying "Umm, as you know, I regard this alley as my garden. I am going to grow Chinese cabbage and lettuce for preparing kimchi for the winter. So I oppose to your plan to open your main gate on this side" and the term 'opposition' implies that he may file a civil complaint if you don't respect his opinion.  View more View full description
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