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Occidens museum takes place into the Pamplona’s cathedral complex, crossing various spaces of different times: archaeological excavations II c fC-VIIIc aC, Romanesque palace, XI c, Archbishop's Palace XII c, and the gothic constructions of the Archdeacon palace of the XIV-XVI c. The Museum is conceived as a narrative project closer to a cinematographic discipline than to the conventional schemes of the museum through a discourse deployed through different frames and different reading levels: signs, images, objects, sounds, text, projections, codes, smells and atmospheres… The project enhances the relationship between content-continent, between architecture and art works by devising different atmospheres appropriate to each time and each space. The unity of the museum –composed of architectures of different times- is achieved by using a carpet of steel that meanders through the various rooms of millenarian architectures floating between archaic atmospheres without touching the footprints of the past, giving unity to the whole exhibition. View more View full description
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