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The clear-cut features of this work evoke the distinct formal differentiation of the new building compared to the geometrical rigor of the surrounding industrial premises: such planning, full of symbolism, succeeds in creating, within the plant, a clearly recognizable entity expressly conceived for the relaxation of guests and employees. The basics of its arrangement consist in the juxtaposing of two volumes linked to concepts of aerodynamics, as represented by the great hanging wing-shaped pavilion, placed in a flight position, supported by another, staggered-axis wing positioned vertically on the ground. The dining hall, the core of the entire building, is found inside the upper wing corresponding to the main hanging volume. This tapered section space rests over the glazed hall: a two-storey volume formed so as to receive and lead the diners to the spaces above, and is connected to the places appointed for employees’ well-being and the training center. From a technological and operating point of view, the complex works thanks to the accessory volumes such as kitchens, storage and technical spaces contained in the vertical wing. View more View full description
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