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The Saló Central area is located in the junction of two axis which have a significant importance in the city of Sant Boi de Llobregat: Santa Creu de Calafell road (C-245) and Josep Mariages avenue. These two axis have different characters. The C-245 road is one of the most important interurban roads in the region, having a very strong industrial character but at the same time experiencing very important transformations towards a more urban, green, residential and pedestrian character. On the other hand, Josep Mariages Avenue will soon become an important north-south pedestrian connection. In this framework, the proposal gives response to several constraints. The project collaborates in this transformation process of the C-245 road to a more urban and pedestrian street, ensuring the continuity of the bicycle and pedestrian paths and creating a new green front that buffers the current noisy and heavy traffic conditions. View more View full description
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