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This building is located in the city of Cuenca, so sunlight is almost perpendicular, with variations of 23 degrees at the equinoxes of June and December. It contains one apartment per floor, except for the third top floor where the space is divided between a small apartment and an office. We intended for the apartments to have sunlight in the morning and evening, therefore, the east and west facades are very transparent, while those facing north and south are closed preventing views to the neighbors. The apartment on the ground floor is lit through a back courtyard. The construction system used is fast and efficient: we propose three bearing walls 6 meters apart, each built with solid bricks 20x40x8 that are manufactured especially for this project. The slabs are constructed with pre-stressed beams 6m in length positioned every 60cm. This system allows us to dispense with the columns and have two free bays to distribute the spaces. View more View full description
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