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This hotel project recycled an apartment building dating from 1928, catalogued by Mexico’s National Beaux Arts Institute. The perimeter of the building was preserved up to the first corridor, which was restored to its original state.  The inside of the building was demolished to build an opened patio, which is the central space of the project. A dialogue between architectures goes on in here; the circulations leading to the hotel rooms are turned facing this open, public space, where the building connects to the outside. The courtyard features aluminum folding screens are able to transform this space infinitely, screens runners achieve virtually expand and offer the opportunity of the game to see and not be seen. Folding aluminum shades open into the patio, infinitely transforming the space. The shades virtually extend the corridors and offer a play of seeing and not being seen. The sun travels in the patio generating chiaroscuros and giving greater depth to the space. View more View full description
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