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Dudzele is situated along a remote road linking the picturesque historical city of Bruges ( Belgium) to the North Sea shore. It is located in the Polders, an artificially created landscape separated from the sea by dikes .The village is centuries old but never grew to a city. The house typology in the surroundings is one or two levels high and look like archetypal. The main public space and the urban form of the village is defined by the main street ,once a country road cutting through the landscape. The architects were asked to replace a ruined modest existing house, aligned to the main street, with a new building housing the main medical facility of the village. How to insert this needed function in an old village without disturbing the tranquility which reigns the place centuries ? Due to it's function, the building should be visible but the urban regulations ask for a total integrated volume in accordance with the surroundings. View more View full description
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