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IntroductionThe National Tainan First Senior High School (NTFSH) Gymnasium project is located at the heart of the Tainan City where it is also situated at the center of Tainan Cultural and Educational District. Its adjacent institutions include the well-known National Cheng-Kung University, the University of Tainan as well as many historical landmarks.  The site provides potential opportunities to bridge the history with the present in a contemporary built form that speaks about confluence of architecture and structure in one cohesive gesture. Design ConceptThe program calls for a gymnasium that would house two international-standard basketball courts, a semi-outdoor basketball court, a fitness center, a table tennis room and a Chinese martial-arts classroom. The building also boasts a total number of eighteen-hundred seats for the Sports Hall along with a state-of-the-art control room and a VIP lounge.  With a wide variety of spaces required for this new facility, long-span structure is essential and crucial to provide high-quality sports space for its students and the community. The concept for the building begins with the semi-outdoor basketball court on the first floor which requires a column-free space that spans sixteen meters in width and forty meters in length.  View more View full description
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