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Schlaich Bergermann und partner is an engineering firm with a global reputation, known above all for its stadiums, bridges and energy concepts. The firm has offices in Berlin, New York and São Paulo in addition to its main company headquarters in Stuttgart. The Stuttgart team of 110 employees used to be based in two different locations. The relocation of the entire company to a fully redeveloped, seven-storey office block dating from the 1970s pursued the goal of reuniting the team under one roof. The building is prominently located at a busy crossroads in the urban district of West Stuttgart. The offices of schlaich bergermann und partner occupy six floors of the building. The move to the new building signals a fundamental transformation in the operative and communicative structures within the company. The idea was to establish a central communication space to become the meeting place for all departments. Work processes that had previously taken place in individual, decentralised offices have been shifted into large open-plan offices to promote collegial exchange. The resultant aesthetic world cites the precision and technical connotations of the engineering profession, while warm materials and a collage of communication zones of different moods create a cosy and welcoming feel. View more View full description
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