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These 58 protected houses are part of the more funding program (VIMA). This increase on the budget allows not only to build these 90 sqm houses, but it also helps the quality of the materials, in comparison to other protected houses belonging to other similar programs. The entrance and parking zone arise as a street extension. It's a space where both situations, privacy and intimacy, can be mixed or separated according to the willing of the house habitants. Even though all the houses have similar characteristics, every house is seen as a single project and not a infinite sequence housing project. In the corner of every block, the houses for bigger and handicapped families allows every block to settle as a complete and bounded unit. The houses have 3 bedrooms, whose priority is quality of the space, with rooms and kitchens whose space is bigger that the minimum standards, and with all the bedrooms with similar area among them, but with different spatial qualities. View more View full description
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