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The assignment was to design a secondary house of rest, with future projections of transforming itself in a permanent home. Located on the edge of Lake Llanquihue, facing the imposing Osorno volcano and on a gentle slope of land, this house is designed with simple lines, where one of the requirements was to maintain respect for the local architecture, both in its material and its morphology and function. This is how the simple construction of the inverted roof originated, similar to the dairy barns in the X region of Chile. The interior design was conceived based on a central axis, which joins the common areas of the house with the sector of bedrooms. In this hall, the importance was given both to its dimensions as well as its luminosity, creating a natural light shaft in the slope of the roof. Orientation and thermal insulation were important themes in order to maintain the desired warmth, as well as the overall brightness of the house, making the most of the daylight hours. View more View full description
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