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The logistics building, part of the overall design of the Corporate Campus Apeldoorn by ADP Architects, is strongly connected with its surroundings. The building appears to be a mountain pushed out of the soil. Both the logistics building and the forest are cut open on one side and placed together, creating a very strong relation between the interior of the building and the forest; making the forest part of the architecture. A 3m gap between the building and the edge of the forest makes the sun shine over the building deep into the forest. The reflection of the sun on the trees gives a special, warm appearance to the interior of the building. All workspaces are located on the open, northern side of the building facing the forest, where the storage space is located on the entirely closed south side. The closed façade is made out of simple profiled wall cladding, positioned diagonally. The dark brown colour and the incisions in the sloping elevations make it appear like the skin of a large organism. The core of the building, with all the serving functions, is the spine of this organism. The spine is coloured in a remarkable yellow, which reflection creates a friendly atmosphere inside the building. View more View full description
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